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January 27, 2011


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Have you decided to stay in Brighton now or are you back in Spain but not blog-happy? I've just discovered your blog and spent a happy 15 mins reading (when I should be doing laundry, sweeping dust bunnies from under kid's bed's infested with festoons of socks/knickers/tissues, or maybe even putting pen to paper productively for financial reward)and now that I feel like I know you I am curious for the next installment.

I have to say, I immediately wanted to invite you to move to SE Spain where our winters are less drastic, but I then pondered the benefits of fun in Brighton and thought 'if you can juggle two locations, why not?' I rarely get back to the UK more than once a year but when I do it's like the best holiday destination ever as I know where everything is, speak the language and can wow the kids with my historical knowledge. Plus they get to see their auntie and cousins and eat cream teas and roll about on carpet ( - its fascinating to kids brought up in Spain it seems.) Anyhoo, more blog please - a satisfied reader.
Penny Lapenna, Parcent, Alicante.

Ferries are one of the most popular ways to travel between the UK and France and other countries in the European continent.

If january in Brighton is getting you down, why not come to Australia instead? I moved from Brighton down here to Brisbane a few years ago and i've never looked back. Januaries are a lot hotter, but not quite as depressing (except for this year when we had major flooding...made me want to move back to the UK...almost :-) )

keep up with the great posts!


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