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June 18, 2010


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I thought the correct syntax was muy mal(o), not mucho?

You're quite right - gosh, I really do need Spanish lessons! My Spanish is certainly malo!

Perhaps I'll change it in the title, at least. :)

Thanks for pointing out my error.

Driving madness is not confined to Spain there are worst drivers than that in Asia I wont mention which country, but a friend of mine took his driving test and all he had to do is pass a computer speed test with a mock accelerator and brake pedal and then do a color blindness test and he passed. Go to the UK and see how long it takes you to get a licence.
Chill out “soy tranquilo”
Regards Sam

Have you ever driven in Bulgaria? That was *far* worse than Spain. You have to contend with potholes on your side of the road combined with motorists overtaking vehicles - also on your side of the road - and approaching you, head on, at about 100kph. Not fun!

Please don't take my "loco" stance too seriously. :)

“I love San Juan Capistrano, our lifestyle, the people, the city’s small town atmosphere. Both my wife Chris and I are active in our community every day.”

The last few days have been SO busy. School ended today and all the last minute flurry of activity has me "sleepless in Seattle." I could literally fall asleep here at the computer this afternoon, but as I wasn't able to complete this post last night I am filled with renewed determinatioasdfn to get it done this afternoon. I am SO very excited to be sharing these glitter techniques with you because as I stated in my previous post there is something incredibly different about this glitter.

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