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December 29, 2009


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I am an American 23 year old thinking of spending an extended period of time in Spain and I wondered if you could answer a few questions for me:
1-How safe is public transportation for women?
2-Where are female hygiene products sold?
3-Where are contraceptives available?
4-What is one tip you would give a woman traveling to Spain?

Thanks for your help,

Hi there,

I reckon you'll have no worries. The Spanish bus and coach services are of a generally high standard and I wouldn't be concerned about using them as a lone female. Feminine hygeine products are widely available in stores, supermarkets and chemists. Contraceptives have to be bought from the chemist - a packet of pills lasting a month costs about 10 Euros. Condoms are available from chemists, supermarkets and dispensing machines on the walls of my home town, at least. My main tip would be: make sure you carry an English to Spanish pocket dictionary at all times.


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