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February 11, 2010


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Nice post. Last year we were travelling with a ferry to france which offered an onboard shopping for the passengers. My daughter went simply unmanagable when she entered into one of the toy shops that displayed plenty of toys and games for the toddlers. Then I took her to the play area specially designed for the children on the ferry to france and there she got engaged within moments. Thank God, otherwise I would have spent a few pounds from my travel budget in purchasing toys!

Which type of economy can give happyness and minimal or reasonable standard of living to the people of India?
Is the present economic system adopted in India taking us in the direction to guarantee food, housing, education, job, and spiritual growth of people of India? If not then what type of economy we should we employ?

What country has recently gained or lost a freedom?
I am doing an assignment, in which I need to choose a country which has recently gained or lost a freedom to report on; I am trying to find an interesting country for the subject matter.

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